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Think Like Marketer, Act Like Engineer

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Singapore Business Park, 515 5th Floor, AB Rd, LIG Square, Anoop Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001


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DM 360


About DM 360

We create some things for your success future

360DM is our flagship service for small businesses and organizations which do not have a dedicated marketing department. Namastetu provides a complete package of marketing services for such organizations on a retention basis.

Our bouquet of services includes
  • Making a comprehensive marketing plan while maintaining a close balance between budget and objectives.
  • Identify the best tools and mediums to achieve goals.
  • Execute all the tasks associated with marketing.
  • Present monthly progress reports to the management.
  • Make necessary course corrections according to management’s decision.
  • Deliver the results with complete satisfaction and within budget.
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